Annie Lennox's daughter Lola opens up about recording debut album with mum and boyfriend

22 August 2022, 14:43

Lola Lennox is the daughter of singer Annie Lennox
Lola Lennox is the daughter of singer Annie Lennox. Picture: Getty/Lola Lennox

By Tom Eames

Annie Lennox's daughter Lola Lennox started recording with her famous mother during lockdown.

Lola Lennox will soon release her debut EP, and she teamed up with her Eurythmics legend mother Annie Lennox to make the tracks.

The 31-year-old recorded the songs with mum Annie producing, while her boyfriend Braeden Wright co-writes her music with her.

“I definitely can have anxious moments, where I’m stressed... overwhelmed,” Lola is quoted as saying in the Mirror.

“But it’s not that we are battling against each other in any way. We’re good at separating the personal and the professional and having a bit of a boundary with it.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World Cover By Lola Lennox

“One of the nice things about being in a three is that if one of us offers an idea, and it doesn’t quite work, the other two people will say: ‘Not sure we’re into that.’

“Because you have to throw spaghetti at the wall - sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Speaking about making the tracks, Lola said: “Sometimes, with families, you think there might be tensions, but with us, it’s actually so nice.

Lola Lennox - Pale

"And we’ve gotten to know, a new dimension of each other and I get to witness her pulling ideas out.

“I always respect her perspective, so I’ll always take in what she has to say. But if there’s something that I’m like no, I think I know I want to do independently, then I’ll do that. No walking on broken eggshells."

Lola Lennox released her debut single 'In The Wild' at the beginning of 2020 and her follow-up single 'Pale' was released at the end of May. Follow up singles 'Lalala Love Me' and 'Back At Wrong' were released at the end of 2020, when Lola laughed off claims of nepotism thanks to her famous mother, Annie Lennox.

"I have been able to put my toe in a door but I’m never going to be able to get through the door unless the music and me as a human hits a certain level," she told Metro in December 2020. "No one’s going to play my music on the radio if it doesn’t hit a certain mark."

Lola Lennox’s new single 'Want More' is out this Friday, followed by her debut EP out in October.