Billy Joel fans angry at concert tickets with "terrible" views at Old Trafford

18 June 2018, 11:21 | Updated: 19 June 2018, 09:33

Billy Joel fans have revealed their anger at discovering their seats gave them almost impossible views of the stage.

Several fans went on social media to complain about buying £100 concert tickets, only to find that the stage had been brought forward.

They said that their seats at Manchester United's Old Trafford Stadium gave very restricted views for Saturday night's show (June 16).

Some Billy Joel fans said they walked out or asked to be moved, with promoters SJM Concerts blaming a last-minute problem with building the stage.

Fan Jason Yates described the night as an "utter shambles".

He said he had paid £70 for his "terrible" seat, and that the tickets "should never have been sold".

Other fans complained that their seats in the stadium's North Stand gave them views of the "grey stage cover".

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Dominique Wedge said she paid £105 for her ticket near the stage, but that the restricted views were "absolutely disgraceful".

A spokesperson for SJM said: "There were issues when the stage was being built and had to be brought forward of the planned position which in turn affected the side views. 

"This was due to being a new project for the stage company and for the venue.

"SJM Concerts tried to relocate as many customers as possible but acknowledge some people could only enjoy the music without a view of the full band. 

"For those people who were affected and not relocated please contact your ticket agent."