You can now follow Ed Sheeran's cute cats on Instagram, because why not

26 July 2018, 13:03

Ed Sheeran and cat
Picture: Instagram/Ed Sheeran

By Tom Eames

File this one under 'aww'...

Ed Sheeran has decided to open an Instagram account just for his cats, and over 130,000 people have alright started following their adventures.

Ed announced that his cats Dorito and Calippo have been set free on social media, saying: "My cats set up their own Instagram, clever pussies."

Just look at these little guys:

Dumb and Dumber

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Squad goals

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Squish feat. Pusslé at bath time

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The singer-songwriter is known for his love of the animals, and has shared lots of photos of them before. He also said his cats were "chuffed" when they heard he was engaged to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.

In June, a waxwork figure of Ed was unveiled by Madame Tussauds at a cat café in London, to mark his love of felines.