Together In Electric Dreams: Who are Rob & Chris in the new Strongbow TV advert?

16 May 2019, 17:19

By Tom Eames

Strongbow's new advert has a very familiar tune, and a true Smooth favourite.

'Together in Electric Dreams' is a true '80s classic, and it is the focus of a new Strongbow UK TV advert, but performed in an acoustic folk style by duo Rob & Chris.

The Story of... 'Together in Electric Dreams'

  1. Who are Rob & Chris?

    The two guys performing the heartwarming live music cover in the Strongbow advert are guitarist and singer Chris Kinley, and pianist and singer Rob Waters.

    Sadly, this cover hasn’t been released for streaming or to download.

    The duo have been performing as Waters/Kinley, and can be found via their Facebook page here.

    The advert from the UK’s popular cider brand is part of a new campaign that celebrates people from all walks of life coming together in the great British pub.

    Set in the North of England, the pub’s real life locals also star in the advert, singing along to local heroes Rob & Chris, who tour the pub circuit of the North East.

  2. Who originally sang 'Together In Electric Dreams'?

    The classic track is by the British singer and Human League frontman Philip Oakey, and Italian composer and producer Giorgio Moroder.

    It was written and recorded for the original soundtrack of the 1984 film Electric Dreams.