Nile Rodgers Is Working On New George Michael Tracks

George Michael

The Chic legend has revealed he's still remixing the late singer's vocals.

This sounds like a collaboration to really excite music fans. Chic legend and super-producer Nile Rodgers has revealed that he was working on new music with the late George Michael at the time of the singer's death in December. 

But the project has not been abandoned, with an enthusiastic Rodgers revealing on Twitter this week that he is still remixing the material. 

"#GeorgeMichael vocals are so hot the faders burned our hands," he tweeted, before also humbly adding "It's bliss to hear this voice - this magical gift, that only the few rarified have that walk among us. I bow to #GeorgeMichael" 

OK, Nile, now we're really intrigued. The combination of musical talents is a spine tingling prospect for fans of George Michael, who was planning a comeback before he died on Christmas Day, aged 53. Poignantly, Nile Rodgers has also revealed that he was at Michael's home on 23rd December, and that the late star didn't hear the tracks before he died. 

He told the Press Association: “It was heart-breaking and he never got a chance to hear what I did, so now I'm ambivalent about the work because I wanted him to hear it, not the record company necessarily. Not that I have anything against them, it's just he was such a genius and he created and produced his own work.”

Hopefully we'll all be able to hear the new tracks soon.