Alan Shearer singing Lionel Richie's 'All Night Long' is the best way to celebrate England's win

8 July 2018, 16:39

By Tom Eames

Always a karaoke favourite...

Celebrations continued into the early hours on Saturday (July 7) after England reached the semi-final of the World Cup for the first time since 1990.

Former England striker Alan Shearer let his... well, not hair... down with his fellow Match of the Day colleagues, by bursting into song. He performed Lionel Richie's happy classic 'All Night Long', while Rio Ferdinand filmed it and later shared on Twitter. See the video in full above.

We're particularly impressed that Shearer managed to sing all the lyrics, including Lionel's made-up African words.

And you can't go wrong with a breadstick for a microphone.

England will play Croatia for a place in the World Cup final on Wednesday night. And we hope that means more karaoke antics from Alan.