All the best 2019 Easter eggs: From supermarket deals to novelty chocolate avocados

10 April 2019, 11:01 | Updated: 12 April 2019, 17:17

Waitrose & Partners Chocolate Avocado Easter Eggs
Waitrose & Partners Chocolate Avocado Easter Eggs. Picture: Waitrose

By Giorgina Hamilton

From Tesco deals to Hotel Chocolat treats, Aldi to Thorntons and the best novelty and giant eggs on the market, chocolate season is nearly here, so it's time to look for the best Easter eggs of 2019.

For the best chocolate to tuck into on April 21, read on for our ultimate guide to the best easter eggs of 2019.

  1. Lindt Eggs and Easter Bunnies

    Lindt's chocolate selection is ideal for Easter
    Lindt's chocolate selection is ideal for Easter. Picture: Ocado / Lindt

    It would never quiet be easter in the UK without a Lindt golden bunny or two.

    Due to popular demand Lindt have expanded their bunny collection and have added new flavours including white chocolate, hazelnut, limited edition floral bunnies and even personalised chocolate rabbits, while the huge 1kg gold bunny is always a sure fire hit.

    This year Lindt have launched the new Lindor Mint Milk Egg a deliciously smooth chocolate with a selection of Lindor truffles - ideal for mint lovers - and the Lindor Nocciolatte Egg accompanied with truffles filled with whole hazelnuts. Delicious.

  2. Sainsbury's Easter Eggs and Chocolate

    Nestle's l'Atelier luxury chocolate available exclusively at Sainsbury's
    Nestle's l'Atelier luxury chocolate available exclusively at Sainsbury's. Picture: Nestle

    Sainsbury's have lots of deals on Easter eggs for 2019.

    Among our favourites are Cocoa et Co. Single Origin Dark Chocolate Celestial Egg, £9, and the Cocoa et Co. XL Belgian Milk Chocolate Splatter Egg, £14.

    But for something a little bit different this year, why not put down the eggs and try some luxury bars of chocolate filled with a variety of nuts and fruit?

    Nestle's 'Les Reclettes de l’Atelier' range (roughly translated as 'recipes of the artisan’s shop') are available in a variety of flavours including Orange Zest & Cacao Nibs, Salted Caramel and Cranberries and Almonds.

    New to Easter 2019 is Nestle's limited edition Ruby Chocolate with Raspberries chocolate bar, available to buy exclusively in store.

    Made with real pieces of raspberry and finished in a beautiful pink chocolate derived from ruby coca beans, like the rest of L'Atelier range the latest addition has no colouring or preservatives - just pure luxurious chocolate.

  3. Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs

    Hotel Chocolat Extra-Thick Rocky Road Easter Egg, £27
    Hotel Chocolat Extra-Thick Rocky Road Easter Egg, £27. Picture: Hotel Chocolat

    Hotel Chocolat's Easter eggs are amongst the most indulgent we've seen!

    The chocolatier's "extra thick" egg shells made of creamy 40% milk chocolate come packed with treats.

    Hotel Chocolat Ginger Hard-Boiled Easter Egg
    Hotel Chocolat Ginger Hard-Boiled Easter Egg. Picture: Hotel Chocolat

    The Extra-Thick Rocky Road Easter Egg is filled with truffles, pralines and caramels, the Extra-Thick White Chocolate Easter Egg comes with a variety of delicious custard tart, caffe latte and mango smoothie minis and The Easter Chocolate Box Sleekster has a huge variety of individual bite-size eggs including champagne truffles and pistachio pralines - bliss.

  4. Thorntons Easter Eggs

    Thorntons personalised easter eggs, left, and the white chocolate Premimum easter egg, right
    Thorntons personalised easter eggs, left, and the white chocolate Premimum easter egg, right. Picture: Thorntons

    Thorntons easter eggs are ideal for an extra special customised gift.

    Their milk chocolate eggs can be personalised with bespoke messaging and come in a variety of different sizes.

    A Marvellous Magnificent Easter Egg, £20, - which measures at a whopping 11 inches tall - can be iced with any message, and for a taste of luxury The Handcrafted Chocolate Easter Egg - for an eye-watering £100 - is carefully hand made with intricate chocolate petals and personal messages.

    For buying in bulk, Thorntons offer 2 eggs for £12, 5 for £25 or 7 eggs for £35 depending your chosen size and style.

    Forget chocolate: Sainsbury's have released a Cheese Easter Egg for 2019

  5. Aldi Easter Eggs

    Aldi Exquisite Bird Cage Easter Egg
    Aldi Exquisite Bird Cage Easter Egg. Picture: Aldi

    Aldi's selection of luxury easter eggs are so in demand they are already being sold on eBay for twice the price!

    Our favourite is this Exquisite Bird Cage Easter Egg for £14.99 (above), the Single Origin Chocolate Cocoa Pod - made from sumptuous Peruvian chocolate - for £4.99 and the Exquisite Ruby Heist Chocolate Egg for £12.99, a diamond shaped pink easter egg with added 'luxury flavoured coloured gems.'

  6. Cadbury's Easter Eggs

    Cadbury Celebration Gift Basket, £50
    Cadbury Celebration Gift Basket, £50. Picture: Cadbury

    While Cadbury's eggs are available in most supermarkets, going straight to source could save you considerable money this easter.

    Visit Cadbury Gift Direct to view their easter eggs gift deals. From six classic Cadbury eggs for just £31 to a Cadbury Egg Van Gift Set, £10, a whole box of 48 Cadbury Creme Eggs for just £20 and a huge Celebration Easter Basket for £50, it's your one-stop shop for all things Cadbury this easter.

  7. Giant Easter Eggs

    Bettys Imperial Easter Egg, £250
    Bettys Imperial Easter Egg, £250. Picture: Bettys Tea Room

    This year giant eggs are everywhere, so here's the best OTT eggs to 'wow' this easter sunday.

    If you have a spare £250 lying around, why not buy a stunning hand-painted Imperial Easter Egg from the famed Bettys Tea Rooms in Harrogate, Yorkshire and for an incredible £450 Betty's are offering a made-to-order Centenary Imperial Egg containing over five kilos of grand cru Swiss chocolate.

    The Cenetery Imperial Egg from Bettys Tea Rooms
    The Cenetery Imperial Egg from Bettys Tea Rooms. Picture: Bettys Tea Rooms

    For super-size eggs on the high street head to Waitrose for a Giant Lindt Gold Bunny, £40, to Tesco for a Kinder Surprise Giant Egg, £10, or to Marks & Spencer for a Hand Decorated Belgian Milk Chocolate Colosseum Egg, £15.

    And if you still have your heart set on a Bettys Tea Room egg - but without the huge price tag - why not treat yourself to a hand-painted Centenary Egg for £29.95.

  8. Tesco Easter Eggs

    Tesco Malteaster Bunny Luxury Egg
    Tesco Malteaster Bunny Luxury Egg. Picture: Tesco

    Tesco have various deals, two-for-one offers and sale prices applied to their eggs in the lead-up to Easter - so be quick!

    The supermarket's Famous Names Signature Collection Egg is half price at just £5 down from £10, the perennial favourite Cadbury Mini Egg Chocolate Egg normally £12 is now £8 for 2 and Kinder Surprise Giant Eggs have been reduced by £2 to £10.

    Until April 20 Tesco is offering 2 for 1 deals on all XL chocolate easter eggs, including the Malteaster Bunny Luxury Easter Egg and Nestle Quality Street Giant Egg and 3 for £10 offers on a huge range of 15 different branded eggs.

  9. Lidl Easter Eggs

    Lidl Ginsecco (gin and prosecco) Easter Egg, £12.99
    Lidl Ginsecco (gin and prosecco) Easter Egg, £12.99. Picture: Lidl

    Lidl's Ginsecco Easter Egg, £12.99 is definitely a conversation starter!

    A combination of chocolate, gin and prosecco, the hand-painted golden egg is a thing of wonder!

    Elsewhere Lidl's luxury eggs are a budget-friendly option that don't scrimp on style.

    The Deluxe Premium Easter Egg collection has a selection of our favourite sweet treats for only £3.49 each!

    The range inclusdes Cornish Sea Salted Caramel, Dark Mocha, Eton Mess and Cornish Fudge.

  10. Waitrose & Partners Easter Eggs

    Waitrose Avocado Chocolate Eggs
    Waitrose Avocado Chocolate Eggs. Picture: Waitrose

    Waitrose's best-selling easter egg of 2018 is back!

    The Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg is a sure fire winner and one of the most appealing-looking eggs out there. Starting at just £4, it's a bargain for avocado and chocolate lovers alike.

    Heston Blumentahl has worked his magic once more this easter. The Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Scotch Egg, £6, has a mango and yuzu fondant to represent the scotch egg's golden yolk in the centre and is covered in milk chocolate maple crunch.

    Heston Blumentahl's Chocolate Scotch Eggs from Waitrose
    Heston Blumentahl's Chocolate Scotch Eggs from Waitrose. Picture: Waitrose

    For a more traditional egg why not try the Waitrose Chocolate Coconut, £8, described as Ian 'irresistible white chocolate coconut flesh encased in a rich dark chocolate shell' - yum.