Bread news: turns out the crusts are NOT better for you than the middle

28 March 2018, 11:48

sliced bread

A bread specialist has confirmed that, despite what your parents told you, the crust of a slice of bread has no more nutritional value than the middle.

What’s more, it won’t make your hair curly either.

According to Wesley Delbridge, a dietitian and nutritionist for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics at Arizona Stat University, it’s a misconception that the crusts are actually better for you.

“I would say the answer is not necessarily,” he told CNN. “If you ask parents, a large percentage will say the bread crust is healthier… but it's a pretty common myth.”

Much of the recent speculation about whether or not bread crusts are really better for you was fuelled by a German study from 2002, which claimed that crusts are actually very rich in the cancer-fighting antioxidant pronyl-lysine.

However, it was also discovered that in the process of toasting, a lot of this goodness can actually be nullified. So it’s mixed news for crusts all round.