Viral video of motorbikes and cars 'disappearing' from bridge has everyone confused

8 August 2019, 15:01

Car illusion
Picture: Twitter

By Tom Eames

A new illusion doing the rounds shows motorists on a bridge apparently disappearing as they drive towards a river.

What's going on?

Twitter user @DannyDutch first posted a video of cars seemingly disappearing as they head off a bridge.

Here's the video:

It didn't take long for people everywhere to be thoroughly confused, with some theorizing that it was to do with some Harry Potter-style wizardry.

Thankfully, users eventually figured out what the heck was going on.

It turns out, that the bridge isn't actually a bridge at all. It is a normal road, and what appears to be a river is actually the roof of a carpark that the cars were driving into, as the video was shot from above.

It's obvious as soon as you realise!