Amazing video shows clever cat knocking on the door to be let inside house

29 April 2019, 14:25

By Tom Eames

They say it's impossible to train a cat...

This is the hilarious moment that a very clever cat keeps knocking on the door of its owner's house, as it waits to be let inside.

The footage, which was filmed at 6am on Friday (April 26) in Cardiff before being shared on Facebook, the black moggy stands on a metal hand rail, before moving the door knocker four times.

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The cat then waits patiently to be let inside the house, with its paws resting on the handle. However, when the door stays shut, the cat knocks again. 

Cat knocks on door
Picture: Facebook/Sheekilah Jones

Sadly, the video cuts away before the cat is seen being let in, but we're assuming this is a regular occurrence.

Sheekilah Jones, who filmed the video, wrote on Facebook: "I'm either seeing things because it's 6am or this cat is actually knocking the door?"

Since being shared on Friday, the video has been seen by over a million times and shared nearly 400,000 times.