Council's Christmas lights are branded 'pants' after resembling Y-fronts

8 December 2017, 11:33

These Christmas lights have been described as "pants", and for good reason.

Local residents in Walsall were amazed to see the festive lights, which resembled Y-fronts more than anything else, especially when lit up.

Once you've seen it...

Some locals have accused council bosses of wasting taxpayers' money on the 'washing line' lights, which have been hung up in the city centre.

Resident John Wittlesea, said: "What brainbox signed this off? My five-year-old could tell you these lights look more like pants on a washing line.

"What is particularly unfortunate is that where the lights join the display together, some of the 'pants' actually look like they're crotchless. It's a pity taxpayers' money has gone on these lights. They make Walsall look more of a laughing stock than it already is.

"It'll give people a laugh but it's a shame the council didn't take a bit more care when choosing them."

Mum-of-four Joanne Baker added: "When my mate sent me a picture of the lights I didn't believe her. I thought it was an internet joke.

"When I saw them for myself I laughed my head off. People in Walsall know the place isn't the prettiest but what we have got is a good sense of humour.

"I don't mind the fact our Christmas lights look like underwear on a washing line - just as long as they're clean at the back."

Christmas undercrackers, indeed.