Couple discover a 23-year-old message hidden in their bathroom

6 July 2018, 13:32

Couple find hidden message
Picture: Alex Monney

By Tom Eames

You don't normally get to find out exactly who lived in your house before you, but this couple did.

Alex and Jess Monney, from San Jose in California, had an incredible discovery while refurbishing their bathroom.

Hidden behind the plasterboard was a message from a Mr and Mrs Shinseki (and their pet rabbit Cassie), who had lived in the house in 1995.

The couple wrote: "If you're reading this, that means you're remodelling the bathroom again. What's wrong with the way we did it?"

After sharing the photo on social media, it has been shared by thousands of others. The 23-year-old note has also led to others sharing their own strange objects and messages they have discovered hidden in their homes.

TJ Harris replied with a photograph of a stack of Playboy magazines he and his wife found hidden in their bathroom wall, with the top edition being published back in 2000.

Alex Monney added that he and his wife will leave their own note hidden behind the walls of the bathroom, in the hopes that future inhabitants will find it.

"The funny thing is the renovation was supposed to be quick. We're expecting our first baby in four weeks, so we need to get moving on our message pretty soon," he told the BBC.

He also said that he would like to thank the Shinsekis "for the smiles" their note has brought them and others.