Dog walker finds a 'crocodile' in the Thames, gets everyone spooked

10 October 2017, 16:19 | Updated: 30 August 2018, 12:18

A passer-by had the fright of their life when they found themselves face to face with a crocodile in London today.

Well, at least that's what they thought.

Thames authorities were called over to Chelsea Harbour this morning after concerned residents found a reptile bobbing alongside luxury houseboats.

Dr Chris Davies called police at around 8am while out walking his dog. Posting the footage on Twitter, he wrote: “Chelsea Harbour has its very own croc.”

Davies later told the Evening Standard: “It looked like the real deal. I know six pythons have been found in Battersea Park this year so I thought maybe this was a dumped pet.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

However, it later transpired that it wasn't a real crocodile. Obviously.

Harbour master Colin Bullock said: “It was just a pond ornament, that was it. It was quite obviously a plastic item and I just got a net. 

“There was no reason to panic. We have had dolphins and porpoises before, but nothing like this.”

In 2013, a similar croc spotted in the Thames ended up being an old James Bond movie prop.

As you were.