You might have a rare Girl Guiding 50p worth £850

17 December 2018, 14:11

Girl Guide 50p
Picture: Royal Mint

By Tom Eames

There are millions of Girl Guide 50ps, but there are apparently some very special ones out there.

7,410,090 were made in 2010 to celebrate 100 years of girl guiding in the UK.

However, one coin collector has claimed that their coin is worth £825, due to "rare errors" that occurred during manufacturing.

They uploaded it to eBay, explaining why it has a whopping 164,900% increase in value.

50p ebay
Picture: eBay

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The seller wrote: "An Extremely Rare 50p 2010 coin. UNIQUE Mis-shapen bottem left star and centre dipressed star is a PERFECT star shape in centre small clover - this is not PERFECT on all coins, it is also a sign of authenticity.

"One of the rarest and most valuable 50p coins in circulation."

Girl Guide 50p
Picture: Royal Mint

The Sun reports that the highest ever value received for a girl guiding coin was £300, but they usually go for less than £5.

Meanwhile, Change Checker has only placed this specific style of 50p as 59th in a list of rare 50p pieces.

This year has also seen coin collectors hunting special Beatrix Potter 50ps, with one being sold for £1,000.