Hot cross buns are actually harmful to your dog

28 March 2018, 15:47

hot cross buns dogs

Make sure you keep your dogs away from hot cross buns this Easter weekend - eating them could cause them to be very ill.

Jennifer Dean, an animal nutritionist from Webbox Natural, told Metro: “…other toxic foodstuffs are potentially less well known, and hot cross buns in particular may be extremely dangerous to pets.”

“Raisins and sultanas found in the snacks can cause sudden kidney failure in dogs, and cats.”

And that’s not all - nutmeg can also do damage to dogs.

“Unfortunately that spice contains a compound called myristicin which can poison dogs if consumed in large amounts – such as might happen if your pet were to raid your baked goods.”

So when you’re tucking in to a delicious HCB this Easter weekend and your faithful hound gives you that mournful “where’s mine?” look, just ignore them. This time, it’s for their own good!