How do you write an 'X'? Diagram sparks a passionate debate on what is the correct way

22 January 2019, 12:10

How do you write an X?
How do you write an X? Picture: Getty

By Tom Eames

Prepare to fall out with your friends over this.

A huge debate on the correct way to draw an 'X' has begun on Twitter, after a diagram showing the eight different methods of writing the letter was posted.

Philadelphia artist Sixers Smasey drew the artwork, which shows illustrations of eight different ways a person could draw two crisscrossing lines that make up the letter X.

It also shows arrows and colours displaying the order and direction of each method:

She asked her followers which method they preferred to use, with many people insisting that there is surely only one correct way to draw the letter.

However, as this is the internet, that was not the case:

Some time later, the artist revealed that she had noticed a geographical trend in the many responses, with Americans usually choosing methods seven and eight, while numbers five and six are apparently more typical of Brits.

"General consensus is that Americans do 7 and 8 while UK does 5 and 6," the artist explained.

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