We've all been making tea wrong, according to a royal butler

9 April 2018, 11:06 | Updated: 9 April 2018, 11:07

Tea generic

We'd all like to think we're the master of tea-making.

But have you noticed that every now and then, you make yourself the PERFECT cup of tea that hits the spot more than most others?

Well, a former royal butler has given some top tea tips to make sure you get as close to that blue moon moment every time.

Grant Harrold has revealed his four steps to the perfect royal cup on the TV series Miss Holland. They are:

  • Pour the tea into the cup from a teapot
  • Add milk to the cup after the tea – never before!
  • Stir back and forth – never in a circular motion, and never touching the sides
  • Sip – don’t slurp – from the cup

While most of is probably obvious to you (who adds milk before tea?), we reckon pretty much all of us stirs our tea in a circular motion. So, maybe that's where we're going wrong.

"If we stir in a circular motion, we can create a storm in a teacup and see the tea coming over the sides which we should never allow," Harrold told Business Insider.

"If the spoon touches the sides, it makes a clinging sound and we don’t want that at the afternoon tea table."

We're not quite sure how this makes the tea taste any better, or whether it just makes a tiny percentage more posh. But, we'll give it a go, Harrold!

Meanwhile, we also have a handy tip for how to reheat last night's takeaway chips properly, to go with your perfect cuppa.