This amazing trick may stop cold callers forever

16 April 2018, 11:55

Call centre generic

"I've heard you've been in an accident, is that right?"

This type of conversation starter on the phone is the absolute worst. There must be a way of stopping them forever?

If you’ve had a lot cold calls lately, then there are methods to end the madness.

Your first step is to register your number with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). This now makes it a legal requirement for cold callers not to call after 28 days.

If you’re still getting them after that, there's even more clever way.

Tech expert David Cogen revealed to Digital Trends that you can stop constant cold callers by playing them a recording of a ‘this number is not in service’ message.

Cogen said: "Believe it or not, you can fool telemarketers by playing a message that says your number is not in service. You’ll merely need a recording of one of those disconnected phone messages, which you can then play whenever a telemarketer calls.

This is the kind of message he means:

"First, buy a recorder – preferably one you can plug into a headphone jack, so as to record the 'not in service' message with better clarity. Afterward, find a 'not in service' message, which you can easily do online, and record said message.

"When a telemarketer calls you, answer (preferably in a quiet place), but don’t say anything. Play the recording, and the telemarketer on the other end, be they person or robocaller, should determine that your phone number is not in service, and remove it from their call list."

Incredible. Be gone, cold callers!