We want this awesome homemade jukebox with song cards you swipe to play

4 January 2019, 15:41 | Updated: 4 January 2019, 15:44

By Tom Eames

Behold our favourite new gadget for 2019.

A designer has created an amazing wooden jukebox, which plays songs when you swipe a particular card.

Chris Patty impressively designed the retro-looking device after his family arranged to exchange homemade gifts at Christmas.

The jukebox has a large range of song cards, which feature album art from each particular artist. To play the song, you swipe the card (like we used to with credit and debit cards), and the song magically plays.

Patty, who also designs wedding stationary, adverts and branding, posted a video on Twitter showing how his invention works. Watch it above.

And now we want one.

Chris’s tweet has attracted over 35,000 likes, with many people dying to know how it was done. Chris

He has since posted a couple of pictures showing what the gadget looks like on the inside, and some photos from when it was built.

Inside the box is a speaker controlled by a Raspberry Pi, which has been programmed with his software. All the songs are stored on an SD card, and whenever a song card is swiped, the mini computer is instructed to start playing it.

Hopefully, Chris will soon share the building instructions, so you can try and make the perfect gift for someone (or yourself!).