Watch a Devon village brilliantly recreate classic Mamma Mia scene

7 August 2018, 12:36 | Updated: 7 August 2018, 13:11

By Tom Eames

ABBA fever truly hit Devon at the weekend...

On Sunday (July 5), the village of Stoke Gabriel ended its carnival in style, by recreating a famous scene from Mamma Mia!

Locals and holiday makers danced around the street to the tune of 'Dancing Queen', before jumping in to the quay on a sweltering summer's day.

The scene was a pretty faithful recreation of the scene in which Meryl Streep's Donna is flanked by her Dynamos as they dance around their Greek town while singing along to the ABBA classic.

Mamma Mia scene recreated
Picture: Universal/Facebook/Mike Pearce

Mike Pearce helped put the video together, and has been seen by thousands of people already.

He said: “We decided to do something as a finale. We planned it on Sunday morning to go through the village and onto the quay.

“It started as a small group but it grew and grew. The majority were villagers but there were some holiday makers that got involved as well.

"We just wanted to make a feel good thing for the village.”

Well done everyone involved!

For comparison's sake, watch the original scene below: