Man proposes to girlfriend halfway through her first marathon and people are annoyed

7 November 2018, 16:22

Couple proposal
Picture: Kathleen Figueroa

By Tom Eames

The last thing you'd expect during a gruelling marathon is for your partner to suddenly ask you to marry them.

At first, this might sound like quite a sweet gesture, but a lot of people are not too happy with one man who dared to do this to his girlfriend.

After 16 tough miles of her first marathon in New York, Kaitlyn Curran was met with her boyfriend Dennis Galvin, who hopped the barrier and got down on one knee.

After CBS Evening News posted the video, it has started to go viral online with mixed results.

Many people on social media were not pleased with Dennis, whom they accused of stealing his partner's thunder and making it about him, while also making the rest of her marathon pretty tricky:

Regardless of what people online thought, Kaitlyn clearly loved it, as she said yes and looked rather chuffed as she continued her marathon.

Plus, you have to hand it to Dennis for managing to spot her in time after waiting for hours!

But if nothing else, if you're thinking of making a grand gesture for your loved one, just triple check you won't accidentally become a hate figure online afterwards!