McDonald's unveils its Christmas menu, including Camembert dippers

17 November 2017, 09:56

McDonalds Christmas menu

It's only the fancy cafes and restaurants that have their own special Christmas menu, the kings of fast food like to get involved too.

This year's festive menu at McDonald's has been announced, and it's surprisingly swankier than you may have thought.

Sadly, the festive mincemeat and custard pie will not be making a comeback, but here's what you can get:

The Beef and Cheese Feast

This will have a beef patty topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce, red onions and cheese sauce, along with a flour-topped snowflake bun, making it slightly Christmassy.

McDonalds Christmas menu

The Christmas Chicken Warmer

This one has two chicken selects with cheese, fire roasted red pepper sauce, slivered onions, mayo and lettuce in a glazed, sesame-topped bun. It's also better on the tummy, as it only contains 560 calories.

McDonalds Christmas menu

Cheese Melt Dippers

Instead of the usual mozzarella dippers, the festive menu features Camembert-filled dippers. They are described as "deliciously indulgent dippers" filled with melted Camembert and served with a festive tomato dip. No cranberry sauce?

McDonalds Christmas menu

Terry's Chocolate Orange McFlurry

Always a favourite, this McFlurry is said described as a "Christmas classic with a twist", consisting of Terry’s Chocolate Orange pieces in real dairy ice cream. 

McDonalds Christmas menu

Finally, in terms of hot beverages, you'll be able to grab the Spiced Cookie Latte, a Toffee Latte or the ultimate: the Hot Chocolate.

Who's hungry?