These are the top 40 classic signs you're definitely British

27 March 2019, 12:00

British things
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By Giorgina Hamilton

We do Number 25, a lot.

Have you ever wondered what little traits that set us make you quintessentially British?

Well, a recent survey has revealed the answers, and they're so accurate that you may hardly know you're even doing them.

Naturally the list involves politeness, a stiff upper lip and lots of tea drinking, but there some more subtle habits that made us laugh out loud.

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The 2,000 Brits surveyed ranked traits such as shouting 'wahey' when someone drops a drink in a pub, loving to hate the Royal family, donning sunglasses and shorts at a hint of sunshine and holding the door open for someone when they're far away - so they end up running for it. 

Conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by SkyArts to launch Art 50, a campaign to showcase artists who have created pieces that sum up what it means to be British, the poll also showed more serious results.

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47% of those surveyed said they felt "proud to be British", but 30% said they felt they were unable to show how proud they are of their British heritage since the 2016 EU referendum.

Read on for the full list of traits that make you British through and through...

Top 40 signs you're British 

1.         Talking about the weather

2.         Queueing

3.         Having a roast dinner on Sundays

4.         Putting the kettle on in a crisis

5.         Liking fish and chips

6.         Using tea as a cure/fix for everything

7.         Saying 'sorry' too frequently 

8.         Saying please and thank you

9.         Dunking biscuits in tea

10.       Going to the pub

11.       Having a stiff upper lip

12.       Having a dry sense of humour

13.       Having good manners 

14.       Sarcasm

15.       Eating fry ups for breakfast

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16.       Being proud of where you are from

17.       Pulling together in a crisis

18.       Not complaining in a restaurant when the food is poor

19.       Having meals based on what day it is - like Fishy Friday

20.       Having a barbecue as soon as the sun comes out

21.       Holding the door open for someone when they're unnecessarily far away so they end up running for the door

22.       Wearing shorts and sunglasses the second the sun comes out

23.       Respecting our elders

24.       Moaning about our commute

25.       Saying "right" before you're about to do something

26.       Being tolerant

27.       Being squashed on the train by a larger person and pretending you don’t notice when they are half sitting in your seat

28.       Shouting "WAHEY" when someone drops a drink in the pub


29.       Never letting your emotions get the better of you

30.       Putting ketchup on everything

31.       Uttering "Aaaah" after taking a first sip of a cold beer

32.       Loving to hate the royal family

33.       Eating cucumber sandwiches

34.       Always clearing your plate at dinnertime

35.       Refusing to eat non-Heinz baked beans

36.       Being culturally aware

37.       Not swearing or using bad language

38.       Respecting LGBT culture

39.       Being open with your feelings and emotions

40.       Being supportive of immigration