Watch this trainer's amazing treadmill dance to a Michael Jackson classic

5 June 2018, 16:26 | Updated: 5 June 2018, 16:31

This dancing personal trainer has truly proved to the world that you can work out while working it at the same time.

The impressive clip of an Ontario based gym worker, Trent Ruban, shows him doing a full blown dance routine to Michael Jackson while on a treadmill.

The GoodLife Fitness trainer shows strength, endurance and a serious bit of sass by dancing to Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ while on the moving fitness machine that a lot of people struggle to even run on.

Ruban can be seen in the clip incorporating some MJ-inspired moves into his routine as well as high-kicks, lean-backs, jumps, all added in with a solid amount of overall swagger.

His dances moves are impressive enough as it is, but the fact he doesn’t fall off the treadmill while doing them is nothing short of a miracle. He doesn't even look phased by the machine.

Ruban’s coworker, Franziska Kallweit, captured the funky clip and felt that it needed to be shared with the world. We can certainly see why.

According to ABC News, Ruban allegedly used to be a dancer on cruise ships which may offer an explanation as to where he got his moves, but how he kept his balance is a secret all of his own.