Cute piglet escapes on the way to the slaughterhouse

22 August 2018, 09:48

By Sofia Rizzi

This little piggy didn’t go to market.

Pickles the piglet made a successful bid for freedom when she fell out of a truck headed for the slaughterhouse.

At only a few weeks old Pickles the Piglet was set to see a bitter end before she was picked up by a motorist who spotted her on the highway in St. Louis, Missouri, having fallen off a truck on June 29.

Randy Grim, founder of Randy’s Rescue Ranch in Old Fallon, Illinois happily took the piglet in from the motorist and has been caring for her ever since.

"The first night I got her she was scared" he says, "I wrapped her in a blanket and tried to comfort her". Pickles had already been branded when she made her lucky escape, carer Randy explains "I knew she had escaped from a factory because she has a tattoo on her ear […] she was going to end up being bacon".

Cute piglet saved from slaughterhouse
Picture: SWNS

After her fall, the piglet was in need of some loving care; "When Pickles first came to the ranch she had a broken leg and a red rash which she got from bouncing off the hot pavement," said Randy.

After a frosty start where Pickles appeared to be "kind of mean" from her lack of contact with humans, she has been nursed back to health and is in fit fighting shape.

Picture: SWNS

The 20-acre ranch now serves as a playground for Pickles and her 15 other farm animal friends that reside there.

Now reigning over the ranch, Randy says "I make her three meals a day and her snacks of course. She’s treated like a queen". It’s no surprise then that Pickles is expected to weigh up to 300lbs when she’ll be fully-grown.

Picture: SWNS

Randy says that taking in Pickles in has made him no longer want to eat pork, "She’s changed my life" he admits.