Quality Street will launch pick and mix stations at John Lewis this Christmas!

18 July 2018, 12:17

Quality Street
Picture: Nestle

By Tom Eames

Imagine... a whole box of green triangles!

A Quality Street pick-and-mix will be installed at John Lewis this Christmas, with an exclusive personalisation station at their Oxford Street store in London.

QUIZ: Can you guess the Quality Street flavour from just the wrapper?

Launching in September – when the Christmas shop will open – John Lewis will team up with Nestlé to offer customers their own special edition tins of their favourite sweets.

So if you love The Purple One more than any other, always devour the Green Triangle or hate the Strawberry Delight, you can now choose your personal favourite tin, or perhaps make one for someone else (if you find restraint!).

John Lewis pick and mix
Picture: John Lewis/Nestle/House Beautiful
Quality Street
Picture: John Lewis

And don't worry if you don't live near London, as the Quality Street pick-and-mix will also be available in selected John Lewis stores across the country.

While it has yet to be confirmed, it has been reported that the tins will cost £12 each.

Yes please!