Watch the embarrassing moment a tennis security guard doesn't recognise Rafael Nadal

6 November 2017, 16:09

You'd think that if you were working at one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world, you'd know a tad about tennis.

Spare a thought for this security guard, who somehow managed to not recognise Rafael Nadal - aka the number one tennis player in the world right now.

When looking to practice on the courts at the Paris Masters, a guard initially didn't realise who was trying to get through.

"Hello sir, have you got your pass?" the security guard asked Rafa.

He replied: "I don't have it with me."

To be fair, he should have still had his pass with him. The guard's just doing his job, right?

When the guard asked who Nadal's name was, you can spot the embarrassment quickly appear on his face, and he swiftly lets him through.

But don't think you can give that trick a try at your nearest leisure centre. Believe us, we've tried.