Richard Osman sparks fierce debate over where the north ends and south begins

22 May 2019, 12:36 | Updated: 22 May 2019, 14:49

Richard Osman
Richard Osman. Picture: Getty/BBC

By Tom Eames

Ah, the North/South divide.

Pointless star Richard Osman has opened up a right can of works, by asking his followers a question about the north/south divide.

Forget Brexit. This is the ultimate argument-starter.

Where does the north end and where does the south begin?

Richard tweeted: “Forgive an England-centric question, but, Southerners, name the place where you think the North begins, and, Northerners, name the place where you think the South begins. #NorthBegins #SouthBegins Do please RT.”

It wasn't long before replies flooded in, with lots of people reigniting the never-ending rivalry.

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Some people said that culinary differences set the two regions apart…“#NorthBegins where you can get pudding, chips, peas & gravy in the chippy #SouthBegins Where strangers have fear in their eyes if you say hello to them,” joked one person.

Another - we're assuming Scottish user - added: “The South begins at the first shop that doesnt sell Irn Bru.”

Other Brits asked whether the cost of alcohol was the actual difference between the north and south, as another Twitter user wrote: “The north begins anywhere people would be shocked at the price of a pint in the south.”

One person said it was where 'bath' changed to 'barth' and from 'cup' to 'cap', while other arguments included whether an evening meal is called ‘tea’ or ‘dinner’.

The Chase star Anne Hegarty also got involved, saying: “The North begins at Stoke on Trent. Everything south of that is the Midlands. #iamright.”