Sam Neill and his duck Charlie flying is the most heartwarming video today

24 June 2019, 15:16

By Tom Eames

We didn't expect to be writing a story about Sam Neill and a duck, but here we are.

The Jurassic Park star melted hearts this weekend when he posted a couple of videos of his duck pal, named Charlie.

Sam owns a vineyard in New Zealand, and posted to Twitter a clip of his duck Charlie swimming towards him after discovering a barrier of ice.

Charlie has become a regular star in Sam's social media posts lately, and he surprised the actor by flying over to him, which he had never done before.

“Nobody knew you could fly,” the actor said. “You haven’t flown for years. Good girl.”

The actor's Twitter followers have been keeping up to date with his friendship with Charlie over the last few years.

Earlier this year, he was heard telling Charlie “you’re such a pretty duck”, and back in 2017 he posted a sweet photo of himself giving the bird a soothing massage.

Wholesome overload!