You can now drink beer or wine in the shower thanks to this gadget

17 October 2017, 10:54 | Updated: 15 January 2018, 15:54


We never knew we wanted this bathroom invention so badly until we saw it.

Have you ever been in the shower or the bath and thought 'dang, I've forgotten my glass of wine'? (Don't worry, there's no shame in that). Well, this new contraption will sort you right out.

The SipCaddy will allow you take any beverage into the shower with you - by sticking it to the wall. Sure, it was probably first made to hold shampoo bottles, but still.

QUIZ: Can we guess your favourite alcoholic drink?


The makers of the gadget describe it as "the only cupholder in the world that also holds wine glasses - Cans, plastic bottles, solo cups, wine glasses, some coffee mugs - whatever, whenever, wherever you desire."

However, maybe you'll want to stick to plastic wine glasses. You don't want glass all over the bottom of the shower.

SipCaddy is available from Amazon for £10.50, so we smell a perfect Christmas present for somebody...