Sleeping with the fan on might actually be bad for your health

26 July 2018, 12:30

Electric fan
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By Tom Eames

Chances are, in this hot weather, you've been leaving your electric fan on during the night to keep you cool.

However, it might actually be causing you harm without you realising it, depending on what kind of fan you have.

While it's lovely having that cool breeze, the fan could be actually circulating all the dust and pollen around the room, causing a build up in your sinuses and potentially triggering asthma attacks or similar allergies.

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Not only that, but the constant blast of air can also dry out your skin, and also your throat, and even your eyes (if you sometimes sleep with them half open).

Sinus irritations can also arise, causing blocked noses as the body tries to try and produce extra mucus in its dry state, as well as general stuffiness and headaches. All in all, pretty rubbish.

Electric fan
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Plus, if you've been waking up with aching muscles (and you haven't been on a marathon or something), it could also be down to the fan. Concentrated cool air can cause muscles to tense and cramp up.

So it's down to you: will you prefer to stay cool (and hopefully get some sleep) during this weird period of weather, or would you rather avoid all the possible side effects?

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