Watch a bus totally ruin a cameraman's shot of a demolition

21 November 2017, 16:14

Usually you'd be pretty chuffed when your bus finally arrived, but not this guy.

In the US yesterday (November 20), crowds gathered to watch the demolition of the Georgia Dome, an 80,000-capacity stadium that once hosted events at the 1996 Olympics.

Among them was a cameraman from The Weather Channel, waiting to live-stream the event for folks at home to watch.

After waiting 40 minutes for it to begin, a bus turned up at the last second and completely ruined the shot.

"TFW you stream the GA Dome being demolished for 40 minutes and a bus stops in front of the camera at the exact moment it implodes," The Weather Channel's James Crugnale said afterwards.

This moment reminded us of when someone waited for an hour to watch the famous Flying Scotsman, only for another train to arrive at the same time and totally ruin the shot: