Man gets fined for getting on train one stop after his ticket stated

29 January 2018, 17:07

Angry train

We've probably all got some horror train stories over the years, but this would have made us spit out our overpriced cup of tea.

A man has revealed how he was forced to pay £64 for a second train ticket, despite actually travelling a shorter distance on the same line.

Jonathan Worsley paid £19 for an advance East Midlands Trains ticket from Nottingham to London St Pancras.

However, he chose to board just one stop after Nottingham at East Midlands Parkways due to heavy rain.

This meant that he was still on the very same train he would have boarded, but for 10 minutes less than the journey he paid for.

When the ticket inspector arrived, Worsley said he was ordered to pay a new fare, as he had "broken the terms and conditions" of his advance ticket.

He told the Derby Telegraph: "There were two attendants and they both said I had to buy another ticket. ‘I said “surely that can’t be right?” but they both stood their ground and insisted I pay again.

"I’m a pretty calm guy so didn’t get angry with them, but two other passengers picked up the fight for me because they were disgusted at what they were hearing.

"They kept saying how utterly ridiculous it was and that the world had gone mad. Eventually a third member of staff came and showed me the terms and conditions on a phone.

"Legally speaking, they were in the right so I paid the £64. I was left a little bit aghast. I just thought it was bonkers."

He later shared his experience on Facebook, writing: "Absolutely livid. East Midlands Trains have just presented themselves as the worst kind of money-first, customers-second kind of company."

He also wrote a letter of complaint to East Midlands Trains, and he has now been promised a refund of the £64 he was charged by the attendants.

A spokesman for East Midlands Trains said: "We are very sorry to hear of Mr Worsley’s experience in travelling with us. The ticket he had already purchased was valid to board at East Midlands Parkway and he should not have been charged a new ticket. We are already in touch with Mr Worsley and confirmed we will refund the full cost of ticket as swiftly as possible."

Earlier this month, a woman revealed how she was fined £100 for overstaying at a carpark for just two seconds. What's going on in the world??