Sunbather refuses to move, and ruins couple's wedding photos - video

3 July 2018, 15:04

By Tom Eames

A wedding couple have claimed that a sunbather ended up photobombing their pictures, after she refused to move from her spot.

Mark Ling, 49, and Mandy Cripwell, 35, got married at a church on Saturday, and retired to a nearby beauty spot to take some nice photos.

However, their beautiful shots were somewhat ruined by a sunbather, who had also picked the same spot on the green.

The Torquay family say that they asked the woman to move, but she refused. The wedding party were then forced to pose for pictures around her.

Mark's son, Marcus Ling, asked the woman to move - but she was having none of it. He said: "I went up to her and asked her to move and she pretended to be asleep.


"Later she was asked to move again by the limo driver and she did but she left her stuff in plain view. It's a well known wedding spot where you have photos taken, so she would have known it goes on there.

"Half of Torquay have their wedding photos in that garden."

The incident occurred at Tessier Gardens, next to Furrough Cross Church in Torquay, and was captured on camera by Mark's relative Natalie Ling.

She said: "We all spotted her there and thought she would move, but she just didn't. I thought 'how rude!'.

"She was surrounded by wedding guests, the couple were behind her and the photographer kept calling different people over for pictures - so she knew what was going on.

"I don't know if the photographer got any good photos or not. Eventually she got up and left after about 10 minutes of us being there taking photos - but she still left all her stuff there. It was bloody rude and disrespectful."