This is why Amazon uses such HUGE packaging

28 December 2017, 11:55 | Updated: 15 January 2018, 15:47

Amazon packaging

How many times have you ordered a small item on Amazon, only to be greeted with a humongous box on delivery?

You buy a pair of scissors, and then it arrives in a box you could actually live in. What's that about?

Apparently, there's a somewhat scientific reason for this madness. And it's all to do with a game of Tetris inside trucks.

On Twitter, Alexander Savin explained that Amazon uses a @complicated software system to determine the box size that should be used based on what else is going in the same truck and the exact size of the cargo bay". 

Essentially, that means that Amazon's computer will select a larger box for a smaller item, because there’s nothing else going in the same van and the space needs to be filled to avoid packages breaking.

"This actually minimises waste and is on the whole a greener system. It’s optimising for the whole, not the individual."

However, not everyone was convinced and questioned his theory.

The plot thickens.