Toddler tidies his room in record time after a lollipop bribe

5 February 2018, 12:33

Toddler tidies room

We wish we could tidy up this fast...

This is the amazing moment that a three-year-old boy tidied away his toys in super-fast time, after his mother promised him a lollipop if he did so.

Toddler Harlem Phoenix Jones-Evans, from Texas, had left his room in a right mess after piling up shoes, cars and other toys all over the floor. 

However, after he was offered a bribe of a sweet treat, Harlem neatly tidied away his belongings in an amazingly quick and thought-out manner. Watch the clip below:

His mother, Erica Evans, said that Harlem had done an "impeccable job" for a three-year-old. 

She said: "He had wrecked his room the day before, just being an imaginative kid, so we were reluctant to pick it up after him as we wanted him to realize how much work it takes to clean up a mess like that.

"He’s usually pretty good about picking up after himself, but this was an exceptional response to being offered a lollipop."

The footage was filmed on a nest cam in Harlem's room, and it was an instant hit online after it was posted online.

Can we hire Harlem to sort out our mess, now?