Brace yourself: Snow and 60mph winds could make this the coldest December in years

4 December 2017, 10:14

Freezing cold / dog snow

December has already brought snow to some parts of the UK, making us feel like we're 10 years-old again, and the big winter coats and gloves have certainly made a comeback.

But the weather isn't going to let up anytime soon. An arctic cold snap is going to bring more snow and 60mph winds to areas of the UK this week, with forecasters predicting it will be the coldest December since 2010.

It will hit the north-west of the UK by the middle of this week, before heading across the rest of the country and reaching the south-east by Thursday, according to the Met Office.

Frost, snow and ice will be back by the end of the week, with particularly very strong winds arriving in northern Scotland.

“It’s going to turn much colder again towards the end of the week, and by Thursday into Friday we’ll be seeing some snow, some ice and some very strong and cold northerly winds,” said meteorologist Steven Keates.

“So all change from what we’ve got at the moment, with another plunge of cold air coming our way. It will be wet and windy midweek and then colder to end.

“Showers will regularly be turning to snow across the Scottish mountains on Thursday and then by Friday the air will be cold enough to see wintry showers at lower levels in the north and potentially to lower levels in the south as well.

“So anywhere exposed to that very strong northerly wind could well see some snow by Friday.”

The Met Office reckon it will be the coldest December since 2010, with temperatures dropping slightly below the average for the month.

“2010 was exceptionally cold in December and, since then, December months have been relatively mild, in fact, 2015 was exceptionally mild, it broke all records for being mild and wet as well,” Keates added.

“We’ll probably stay on the colder side of average for much of the rest of the month, with brief milder interludes like we’ve got at the moment. 

“There’s a reasonable chance, if this forecast comes off, that this December will probably be the coldest since 2010.

“It’s not going to be exceptionally cold, but a little bit colder than average, I think it shows how mild a lot of recent Decembers have been since 2010.

“I don't think there is anything particularly exceptional about this December, but in comparison to the last few, it will be colder.”

So, all in all, wrap up warm and be careful out there!