Study finds which supermarkets swindle us with sandwich fillings

14 June 2018, 13:44

Rubbish sandwiches

An investigation into supermarket sandwiches has revealed which shops are swindling us the most.

Channel 5's Shop Smart Save Money revealed that a massive 14 out of 30 sandwiches studied by experts at Leeds Beckett University, were found to contain less filling than the packaging actually states.

However, some shops are the other way around, adding up to 41% of the main ingredient.

Researchers looked into the same types of sandwich from 10 different stores, including Aldi, Boots,Co-op, M&S, Waitrose, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and WHSmith.

They found that the same sandwich filling can massively vary between shops. Here are the worst offenders:

  • Chicken salad (chicken) - Co-op gives the most with 32%, M&S and Waitrose give the least with 28%
  • BLT (bacon) – Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Aldi and Asda give the most with 18%, Waitrose gives the least with 14%
  • Ham and cheese (ham) – Sainsbury’s and Waitrose give the most with 26%, Boots gives the least with 20%
  • Cheese and onion (cheese) – Sainsbury’s gives the most with 28%, Boots and WHSmith give the least with 22%
  • Prawn (prawn) – M&S gives the most with 41%, Boots gives the least with 22%

Here are some particularly bad examples:

The research also revealed where you can get the best value version of each sandwich, by dividing the price of each sandwich by the percentage of the main ingredient in the filling.

Aldi was found to be the big winner, as they sell the best value sandwich for every single flavour they tested, while WHSmith give us the majority of worst value snacks.

Lesson learned, sarnie fans!