Rod And Penny Asked Guests For The Most Thoughtful Gift At Their Wedding Renewals

3 July 2017, 09:47 | Updated: 2 November 2017, 15:29

Rod Stewart Penny Lancaster

The couple reaffirmed their wedding vows after 10 years of marriage.

Sir Rod Stewart asked guests to donate to the Grenfell Tower tragedy and "quadrupled" all donations made, when he renewed his wedding vows last week.

The 72-year-old singer and wife Penny Lancaster reaffirmed their commitment to each other during an intimate ceremony in the grounds of their 18th-century home in Essex, South East England. 

Although initially, they waived the usual tradition of gift giving, the couple decided on the day to ask the 100 family and friends in attendance to give money to the victims of the horrific blaze that killed at least 79 residents in west London.

Speaking on 'Loose Women', Penny said: "We decided we wanted to keep it private and we didn't want magazine photographers at the wedding, but as we were saying 'thank you' to our guests, my husband said I know we said no gifts but why how about everyone makes a donation to the terrible fire that happened in the Grenfell tower which everyone was very generous to do. And then Rod quadrupled it."

The couple also sold photos of their renewal to HELLO! magazine and donated the money to the London Community Foundation which is managing the money raised for the victims.

She added: "And then someone said why don't we make some more money and take pictures and sell them and tell this lovely story because as the ceremony was going on, we couldn't help but reflect at what a lovely time we were having when there were families suffering. So Hello have been very generous with a huge amount of money to go toward the fund in exchange for a few pictures."

And Penny, 46, said the tragedy reminded their family and friends to "enjoy those moments" with loved ones because they are finite.

"We just enjoyed the day so much and it's important that we put our arms around each other and enjoy those moments because you never know how many of them you'll have."

You can donate to the cause through The Big Give here and they will double any donation made.