How George, Charlotte and Louis completely stole the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

6 June 2022, 12:21

The Queen makes balcony appearance as Jubilee celebrations end

By Mayer Nissim

While the Queen celebrated 70 years on the throne, three of her great-grandkids stole all the headlines.

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The UK enjoyed a four-day celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee over the long weekend, but it wasn't Her Majesty who dominated the conversation during the festivities.

Snatching the headlines from the Queen were three of her great-grandchildren – eight-year-old Prince George, seven-year-old Princess Charlotte and four-year-old Prince Louis.

Any parent who's tried to take their kids out to a Pizza Express knows how tricky it can be to keep just one little one suitably entertained for a couple of hours between doughballs and dessert.

So you have to admire the talent of Prince William and Kate Middleton (aka Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge), who managed to – just about – keep their trio on top form for four days of celebrations.

That meant posing with great granny at the Palace, a Platinum Pageant on The Mall, and surviving a noisy trooping of the colour. Here's how they stole the show.

The Royal Family on the balcony during the Platinum Pageant
The Royal Family on the balcony during the Platinum Pageant. Picture: Getty Images

Of course, there were the posed pics showing everyone at their very best. The Queen herself, Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate, and the three kids giving a wave to the people.

Catherine and Louis share a moment
Catherine and Louis share a moment. Picture: Getty Images

Then there were the emotional family moments, like Prince Louis giving his mum Kate a kiss – converted into black and white for extra classy cuteness.

But that's not why you're here, is it...

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis peek through Buckingham Palace curtains

Because royal or otherwise, kids will always be kids, and some of the best bits of the whole Platinum Jubilee celebrations came when George, Charlotte and Louis proved that to be true.

And at just four years old, it was Louis who had all the finest moments, usually with his mum.

Princess Kate and Louis are all smiles
Princess Kate and Louis are all smiles. Picture: Getty Images

At times it was all smiles, cheers and happiness.

Prince Louis sticks out his tongue
Prince Louis sticks out his tongue. Picture: Getty Images

Slipping into the cheekiest royal moment ever caught on camera – and even caught on video, too.

Prince Louis throws a tantrum during Jubilee pageant

For a four-year-old with the eyes of the world on him days into an endless, noisy celebration, we actually think both Louis and Kate are doing pretty well here, for what it's worth.

Especially as the ideal solution (an iPad loaded with CBeebies and bag of chocolate buttons) probably wasn't available.

A LOUD Trooping The Colour
A LOUD Trooping The Colour. Picture: Getty Images

Maybe the picture from the whole weekend?

The Queen's Birthday Parade, also known as Trooping The Colour, is a military ceremony performed by regiments of the British Army that has taken place since the mid-17th century.

VERY VERY LOUD. Picture: Getty Images

It marks the official birthday of the British Sovereign and obviously had some special resonance this year.

But for some, it was all too much. Maybe some royal ear protectors should have been bought for the occasion?

Sweet moment Prince Charles bounces Prince Louis on his knee

He seemed a little bit happier being bounced on grandad Prince Charles's knee, for what it's worth.

Prince George is not amnused
Prince George is not amnused. Picture: Getty Images

It wasn't just Prince Louis rolling out the incredible facial reactions.

Prince George did his best to join his dad in a royal wave, but his face gave away the fact that he wasn't entirely feeling it.

Mia Tindall having it large at the Jubilee
Mia Tindall having it large at the Jubilee. Picture: Getty Images

Unlike Mia Tindall, one of the Queen's other great-grandchildren, who looked like she was having the ultimate Platty Joobs celebration.

The Tindalls are especially close to the Cambridges, with Mia's mum being Prince William's cousin Zara Tindall – who is godmother to Prince George.

Princess Charlotte conducts choir in Platinum Jubilee celebrations

We haven't mentioned Princess Charlotte as much as her brothers, but her Jubilee Celebrations were just as wonderful.

They included this lovely moment where she showed off her orchestra chops by conducting a whole choir, as you do.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis give us a wave
Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis give us a wave. Picture: Getty Images

And until the next Jubilee, that's a farewell from our three scene-stealers.