Queen of the World: What is the ITV documentary and when is it on?

19 September 2018, 12:40

By Tom Eames

A new documentary series will offer a brand new look into The Queen and her role as the world's most famous woman.

The ITV series will show how Her Majesty aims to pass on the monarchy to younger members of the Royal Family, as they look to continue her popularity within the Commonwealth.

The programme was filmed over more than a year, with special access to The Queen, her family, her staff and her homes.

It will be a two-part series, featuring behind-the-scenes footage with the Queen and other members of the Royal Family, including Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Princess Anne, and the Countess of Wessex.

It will also include footage from The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's private film archives, and treasures of the Royal Collection.

Watch a trailer for the documentary above.

The Queen
Picture: Getty

The trailer features a moment where Prince Harry admits that he often "panics" when he bumps into his grandmother in the halls of Buckingham Palace.

"You guys have spent way more time in Buckingham Palace than I ever have — and you’ve only been here two weeks," he told a group of visitors.

"Have you bumped into the Queen yet? If you suddenly bump into her in the corridor, don’t panic. I know you will. We all do!"

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex views her bridal veil the night before her wedding to Prince Harry.

"53 countries oh my goodness, it will keep us busy," the Duchess jokes laughs as she touches the veil, which had the flowers of all the countries in the Commonwealth sewn into it.

The first episode of Queen of the World airs on Tuesday (September 25) on ITV.