Sam Smith almost gave up on his new album because his heart was broken

Sam Smith

The Lay Me Down and Stay with Me singer nearly gave up on his latest album due to a recent heartbreak, but a pep talk from Sir Elton John and some friendly rivalry with Ed Sheeran motivated him to get back in the studio.

Sam Smith is reported to have turned to Sir Elton John when a recent heartbreak forced him to postpone recording sessions for his new album.

The Lay Me Down and Stay with Me singer said the end of relationship made him reconsider his future and delay plans to head into the studio.  

“There was a period, when making the record, that I was in a really bad place,” he explained. “I got dumped, which wasn't very nice. Writing music about that kind of thing is normally like therapy for me, but when I got dumped this time round I just couldn't write for about two months...”

“My team had to force me to get into the studio, because I almost felt as if I didn't want to do it any more. So, there were moments on there where it got a bit intense and I started to lose myself.”

Sam also admitted his friendly rivalry with friend Ed Sheeran helped get his thoughts back on making music:

“It makes you push yourself. Watching him (Sheeran) this past year has just been incredible, but yeah, of course it makes me hungry.”

Sir Elton John suggested Sam and Ed’s friendship is comparable to his relationship with Rod Stewart:

“Rod and I were competitive with each other, and that's healthy because it drives you, but we loved and supported each other, too. I think perhaps you and Ed Sheeran are the same way. You do both love each other, both admire each other and are going through the same thing as each other, at the same age... You're the new Rod and me!”