Rita Wilson explains Tom Hanks red carpet exchange captured in photograph

24 May 2023, 13:14 | Updated: 24 May 2023, 15:12

Rita Wilson has explained the backstory to a photograph that appeared to show her husband, Tom Hanks, embroiled in an "angry" exchange on the red carpet. 

The image showed the couple arriving at the Cannes premiere of Asteroid City - and seemingly getting into an argument.

Hanks is pictured with a screwed up forehead, pointing at a red carpet worker who is holding both hands in front of him as if explaining something.

Wilson also has a finger raised and appears to be involved in the discussion in.

The exchange prompted headlines referring to a "heated altercation", a "rant" with a staffer and an "angry altercation".

But Wilson has now offered her version of events, which contradicted accounts that appeared in some tabloid stories.

"This is called I can't hear you. People are screaming. What did you say? Where are we supposed to go?" she wrote on an Instagram story.

"But that doesn't sell stories! Nice try."

She added: "We had a great time! Go see Asteroid City!"

Asteroid City is Wes Anderson's latest film, a 1950s sci-fi set in a US desert town called Asteroid City.

Hanks recently came out in support of the Hollywood writer's strike.

He said he was standing in solidarity with the writers and would also be on strike to champion the cause.