Ellen Sets Celine Dion Bizarre Rap Challenge – And She Delivers!

14 September 2016, 09:37 | Updated: 2 November 2017, 15:29

Celine Dion appears on Ellen

Talented, down-to-earth and a terrific sense of humour – what's not to like about Celine Dion?!

Despite all the hardships Celine Dion has experienced this year, she still has a great sense of humour.

When she appeared on The Ellen Show earlier this week, the TV host set her a challenge to rap along to lyrics on a prompter.

"You sing these ballads all the time and I want you to keep growing as an artist so we've put some rap songs in the prompter and all you have to do is sing the words," Ellen told the Canadian singer.

Accompanied by her pianist, Celine took on the task, joking that "my career's going to end tonight".

Some of the songs chosen by Ellen included the 2002 hit by Nelly, 'Hot In Herre' with the lyrics, "I'm getting hot in here, so take of all your clothes".

Celine was a terrific sport throughout it all and she continues to be very much a lady we admire!

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