Listen to David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast for children

20 March 2020, 13:09 | Updated: 20 March 2020, 13:11

David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast
David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast. Picture: Classic FM

By Sofia Rizzi

If you’re looking to keep the kids busy over the next few weeks while they’re at home, check out David Walliams Marvellous Musical podcast.

Smooth Radio's sister station Classic FM's podcast series introduces children to the wonderful world of classical music.

As well as being extremely funny and more than a bit cheeky, each podcast episode comes with a fun quiz that you can play along with your family.

You can find all the episodes and download the quiz pack now at or you can listen now at

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David Walliams is presenting a new Classic FM podcast
David Walliams is presenting a new Classic FM podcast. Picture: Classic FM

Best-selling children's author and TV personality David Walliams presents each episode, bringing to life the stories of the great composers. The episodes will introduce children to classical composers like Mozart and will also cover topics including ballet, the history of the piano and some of the world's strangest instruments.

David Walliams said: "I’m incredibly happy to be working with Classic FM on a brand new venture, bringing the fascinating stories and the works of iconic composers to life, through fun and insightful storytelling. It’s wonderful to be able to bring a whole genre of music to a new generation of children, whilst getting the rest of the family listening and enjoying at the same time."

David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast: Episodes

1. Mozart: A look into the weird and wonderful life of Mozart – from his beautiful compositions to his ridiculous sense of humour.

2. Liszt: Franz Liszt was music’s first true rock star, baby. Join David Walliams as he enrols in Liszt’s school of cool, and discovers what it really means to rock, old school.

3. The piano: This instrument may seem pretty black and white, but there’s more to the piano than meets the eye. Join David Walliams as he travels inside the piano, discovers its most famous players and explores the unlikely ways it changed music forever.

4. John Williams: David Walliams takes a ride through the magical career of legendary film composer John Williams, from Star Wars to Harry Potter – with a little help from a ghost.

5. Ethel Smyth: We journey back a hundred years to explore the life of Ethel Smyth: composer, suffragette and all-round legend. Also, there are pirates.

6. Maverick musicians: They broke the mould and changed the face of music. Meet the marvellous mavericks and devilish divas who took the musical world by storm. And don’t be surprised if a number of old friends turn up to join the party…

7. Ballet: You may think it’s all tutus and tippy toes, but join David Walliams as he discovers the highly competitive, fantastically strange world of ballet.

8. Beethoven: You’ve heard his music, now it’s time to hear his story. David dives into the life of one of history’s greatest – and grumpiest – composers.

9. Clara Schumann: It’s time to delve into the tale of Clara Schumann, the phenomenally gifted composer who was, in many ways, The Greatest Schumann.

10. Weird instruments: From a helicopter quartet to a vegetable orchestra, prepare to have your idea of what an ‘instrument’ can be blown wide open. David Walliams explores some of the most fantastical, needlessly complex and sometimes tasty musical instruments that human beings have ever created.