Kate Garraway will make her Hollywood debut with a Tom & Jerry movie cameo

5 March 2021, 13:48

Kate Garraway and her character in the upcoming Tom & Jerry film
Kate Garraway and her character in the upcoming Tom & Jerry film. Picture: Youtube/Warner Bros. UK & Ireland

By Cloe Lee

Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard take on a new challenge, voicing elephants in the latest Tom and Jerry movie.

Smooth Radio’s very own Kate Garraway exhibits her voiceover skills, performing the role of a rather uppity cartoon elephant.

Alongside her Good Morning Britain co-host Ben Shephard, the duo recorded the voiceovers for their elephant characters months ago, finally revealing the secret in a sneak peek on GMB today (March 5).

Watch the video below:

Tom & Jerry The Movie - Ben Shephard & Kate Garraway Featurette - Warner Bros. UK

The clip features the two elephants at an elaborate wedding, carrying in the bride and groom, followed by some major disruption instigated by the stars of the show, Tom & Jerry.

A chaotic scene unfurls as the elephants catch sight of Jerry, and a shrilled “OMG!” is heard from Kate.

Kate said of her role: “They’ve kept the energy of the original, they’ve kept the fun and the humour and the sort of wryness of it.

“They just really updated it beautifully and made it more fun. It was an honour. We were so thrilled to be asked and I think the movie is going to be brilliant.”

Featuring alongside an array of stars including Chloë Grace Moretz and Michael Peña, the Good Morning Britain duo seem to be naturals, with Ben joking in the clip, “There’s an inner elephant in both of us”.

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“What a thrill.” Ben added. “Tom & Jerry, it’s such a hugely important part of my life and Kate’s lives as kids growing up watching it.

“So the fact they’re bringing it to the big screen, it’s that mixture of animation and live-action, which initially I was really nervous [about] as I’m so fond of Tom & Jerry, but watching what they’ve done with the film is amazing.”

The 'Tom & Jerry' movie will be available to rent in the UK in May, where you can watch (well hear) Kate & Ben in action.

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