Scottish SPCA


The Scottish SPCA are Scotland’s animal welfare charity and they have been on-hand to protect animals and prevent cruelty for 180 years. They are a national charity that celebrates the strength of the human-animal bond and enriches the lives of animals and people.

  • They champion animal welfare and encourage respect and kindness for animals across all communities
  • They educate people of all ages about the welfare of animals in their mission to eradicate animal cruelty and create a better future for all of us
  • They promote the importance of the human/animal bond, and the myriad medical, social and psychological advantages gained from animal companionship
  • They bring those who abuse animals to justice
  • They care for, rescue, rehabilitate, release and rehome
  • They are Scotland’s animal champions

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Call 03000 999 999 (option 5)

If you wish to report an injured or distressed animal,
please call their animal helpline on 03000 999 999