Autistic Boy Fails Exam, Gets This Amazing Letter From His Teacher

18 July 2016, 11:40

Gail Twist and Ben autstic

It's important to remember that exams are not everything!

An autistic boy who failed his SAT exams was sent the most heart-warming letter by his teacher.

Mrs. Clarkson told her student, 11-year-old Ben Twist of Lansbury Bridge School & Sports College, that "these tests only measure a little bit of you." 

She then listed out all of Ben's other skills and talents including his "artistic talents" and his "ability to make and keep friends."

Ben Twist

His Mum, Gail Twist shared the letter on her Twitter and admitted that she was "in tears".

"Ben Twist is made up of many other skills and talents that we at Lansbury Bridge see and measure in other ways," teacher Mrs Clarkson wrote. "Well done Ben, we are very proud of you."

As we get older, we realise that exams aren't everything but sometimes it's hard to remember that when you're just a child.

The letter has been retweeted almost five thousand times since which just goes to show a few kind words can go a long, long way!

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