These Old Hollywood Baby Names Are Now Making A Comeback

9 June 2016, 12:55

Audrey Hepburn

Parents are now taking their inspiration from the silver screen.

In recent years, celebrity baby names have gotten somewhat ridiculous...

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Palthrow named their daughter Apple, Beyonce and Jay Z chose Blue Ivy for their offspring and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian chose North West as a name for their daughter.

It seemed like celebrities were trying to out-do one another by coming up with the most 'original' names they could!

Luckily, that trend did not catch on with most of the general public (there are always exceptions) and instead, parents are now choosing to take inspiration from the stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood.


According to website, these are the names making a comeback:


- Audrey
- Ava
- Bette
- Clara
- Ginger
- Greta
- Ingrid
- Jean
- Joan
- Judy
- Mae
- Marilyn
- Marlene
- Rita
- Scarlett
- Vivien


- Buster
- Cary
- Clark
- Fred
- Flynn
- Grant
- Gregory
- Harold
- Humphrey
- Kirk
- Laurence
- Marlon
- Orson
- Sidney
- Spencer

According to the users of, one of the reasons for the trend is a sense of nostalgia we have for older generations, and another reason is that these names are just a lot classier!

This is a trend we can feel happy about!

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