Everyone Thinks Kate Middleton Has Magic Powers Because Of This Picture

Kate middleton hovering battle of the somme

Do you believe in the powers of magic?

Yes it's true that Kate Middleton always looks immaculate – her skin glows, her smile beams, her hairs never stray.

But is there even MORE evidence that she's a magical creature?

The internet seems to think so.

A picture of Kate is doing the rounds in which she appears to be walking on thin air. This was taken at the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme as she walked behind David Cameron and François Hollande.

Kate middleton hovering battle of the somme

Picture: Getty Images

What do you think?

Alas, we fear this is just an optical illusion and our minds are being tricked into thinking the Duchess is levitating but once you zoom in on the picture, you see, her feet are firmly on the ground.

Just the way we like her!

kate not floating

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